Refer your friends and colleagues.
Get paid.

Colligo is your hub for tracking commissions from projects
you receive or refer.
With the help of AI, automation, and notifications, we’re here to make life simple. Say goodbye to back and forth emails the dozens of outdated spreadshits (pun intended.) It’s time to say hello to your new favorite colleague.

No credit card required.

Colligo-Header-Image showing desktop and mocile app for commission tracking

How it works:

Track commissions and get paid without using a spreadsheet

Colligo uncomplicates tracking commissions by gathering all your Referred and Received projects in one place. We’ll keep both parties up to date on any changes or updates, and remind you when payments are due. 

Receive a project

Refer a project

Do more of what you do best

Let us track, manage, and update you on upcoming projects and payment deadlines- so you can spend more of your time getting that dineros into your bank account.

Less spreadshits* = More time to drink mojitos

Mobile and web app

Mobile and web app

You have the freedom to track, update, and view your projects from your smartphone on the go, or from your computer at the office.

Reporting on steroids

Reporting on steroids

  • See who is your best Colligo
  • Track who referred the most projects to you
  • Record payment methods
  • Watch your revenue status grow over time
  • Locate project statuses
  • Tons more 


Make tracking your business analytics easy and efficient.

Make intros in only two minutes and get more Colligos pay you commissions

With introductions in only 2 minutes, its never been so easy to grow your business (and profits)

More Colligos = More Deals = More Dineros in the Bank

Transparency and
trust for both sides

Transparency from
the beginning

When working together, trust is everything. Colligo allows all parties to see exactly what is on the table with every project.

Transparency is built into the platform, so trust can begin from day one.

Try Colligo free

After your 14 day trial of our full plan, enjoy the
Free version of Colligo forever

Our plans

Try Colligo

45-day free trial

For freelancers or businesses that want to try the power of commissions

* No limit on the number of projects

* Have unlimited Colligos

* Make unlimited intros

Colligo Pro

$9.90 /Month

For freelancers or businesses that understand the power of commissions

* No limit on the number of projects

* Have unlimited Colligos

* Make unlimited intros

Almighty Colligo

$14.90 /Month

For tracking projects and
also HR refferals

*No limit on number of projects and other referrals

* Have unlimited Colligos

* Make unlimited intros